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Météo Marine


METEO CONSULT, the largest independent supplier of weather forecasts and shipping forecast specialist, manages the entire forecasting process thanks to a team of top level scientists, experienced computer scientists and cutting edge equipment.METEO CONSULT supplies weather information to 140 harbour offices and to race organisers.
METEO CONSULT is now making available its expertise in Marine weather forecasting through its new version of METEO CONSULT Marine iPhone application.
Completely free, it enables you to view:• the 10-day coastal forecast for France and Europe with the navigable coastal areamap, information on the wind, swell, temperatures and cloud cover• the areas surrounding ports, spots,lakes.
It also displays:• semaphore observations• warnings and special notices• coastal warnings by notification and gale warnings• videos: the situation at sea, for the different sailing areas• satellite images and precipitation radars
The METEO CONSULT MARINE application is accessible in 4 languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish.
METEO CONSULT forecasts are also available on the website and by telephone, from France by phoning the short number 3201 (€1.35 per call + €0.34 per minute), and from abroad on +33 1 77 86 86 86 (standard phone call charges apply + subscription or cost of the information).